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Packing Process

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Packing Process

The process of relocation with JBM Packers and Movers involves four steps namely Survey, Packing, Inventory, Delivery and Unpacking.

Moreover, our expert team will inform you the complete details of the move with the vehicle size and insurance needs. Once you get agree on those specified terms, we set-up a date to start the task of packing and moving in India.

After concluding survey stage, we start packing moves to meet your varied move needs. Our following of packing standards, safety procedures and standardized Packing Materials make the task of packing a bit easy for us and clients at the same time while packing and moving in India.

Just after finishing the tasks of entire packing and making your belonging ready to load, we prepare an itemized inventory / packing list. The list includes the details of the customer's belongings, and we take the consent of the clients after handing out a copy to them.

Delivery & Unpacking
Just after making the goods ready by all means, we take delivery and then finally unpacking of goods at your given destination.